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Discover a thousand-year-old hydrogeological heritage!

Classified among the "seven wonders of Dauphiné" from the end of the Middle Ages, the Cuves cave very early on attracted curious people in the region, inspiring many popular beliefs and fantastic legends ...

Shaped several million years ago by the underground river Germe, the Les Cuves cave offers you an unusual underground visit. Its narrow passages, its Flint Gallery or its impetuous river promise you an unforgettable journey, to the center of the Earth! Little extra, discover the legend of the fairy Mélusine, mysterious inhabitant of the cave, thanks to the sound and light show. Access is via a pleasant path which will reveal, by taking the other bank for the descent, magnificent views of the Furon torrent and its waterfalls. Duration of the ascent: about 15 minutes, 150 m vertical drop.

Difficulty of progression: Cave with a sporting character with many steps of stairs and some low ceiling passages. It is therefore impossible to bring a stroller and therefore it is advisable to bring a baby carrier.

P ossibility caving tours or canyon, theme tours. Or organize an enchanted birthday at the cave.

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